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How does it work?

  1. Place a link to on your email, blog, social media or website.
  2. Visitors click through one of these links and make a purchase on
  3. We’ll pay you 6% commission on their total order value, excluding postage cost via PayPal.

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Excellent Affiliate Support

When you open an Affiliate account with us, you’ll have a dedicated account manager that you can speak to at any time.

They will be your go-to person for all questions, whether it’s books they could recommend for your blog or for any assistance with your Affiliate account.

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  1. It’s free to join! A simple, hassle-free way of earning a bit of extra cash.
  2. We’re good - excellent prices, fast dispatch, amazing range of titles available and great customer service.
  3. It will make you look good - Blackwell’s is known and loved in all parts of the world.
  4. To make your life easier - Our ongoing series of promotions and bookseller recommendations give you ready-made content.

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